Some 4yrs ago, I was introduced to crocheting and I took to it quite rapidly than I had with knitting.

Once I learnt the basics of crocheting from my friends Nabila & Fijula, I got busy shopping for yarn & needles and creating few things for my lil’ Nazu of 7yrs.

Here’s a cute a lil’ scarf that easily shows off all my learning amidst all the falters 😀

It has uneven count of stitches & gaping holes that appeared surprisingly but I managed to make it all in 3 days’ time! I used the Super Saver yarn from Red Heart.


Isn’t she a doll? 😆 Yup! That’s my cutie patootie baby doll! 😉

Here’s another scarf that I made right after, in less than 2 days 😀 and this one turned out Perfect!! 😀 Yay!!