It’s no secret that I’ve always been fascinated by the craft of knitting.

Innumerable times I’ve stopped in my tracks, and with complete awe & admiration, stared at these women clicking away their knitting needles so effortlessly.

I’ve even pestered one of my favorite knitters to teach me very early on. Guess who??? 😉 Yup!!

Sept 2001, on my first visit to Canada, my cousin Abiha gave me a few lessons on “knit & purl” which were forgotten faster than the time I took to learn them! 😀

I luv’d the idea of pulling a thread this way n that… and being able to create something that was wearable! (my definition of knitting, haa!)

Anyhow, I didn’t go beyond this, back then. (Abiha, recognize it?! 😉 ) And recently I found this pink yarn buried deep down in my yarn basket and lost somewhere in the darkness of my closet.

Yes, it’s time I made good use of it! 😀