Met her first time… last year… as my daughter’s Girl Scout Leader. 😀

And as time passed by, I got to learn about the many facets of this fascinating & phenomenal Amy Brandon! 😉

From what I’ve seen & what I know… she’s a wonderful wife & a great mom!!

She has inspired & encouraged my family & me to consider & pursue homeschooling for my daughter Nazu.

She is enormously talented… how many women can use sewing, quilting, knitting & crocheting needles so effortlessly & flawlessly??? 😯

She has a huge heart (and I don’t mean just literally!) 😛 Really, her generosity and her kindness totally baffle me & humble me… I know it was/is hard for her to understand me, my moods & my mind initially, but she has always looked beyond my faults & mistakes and never ever treated me with the slightest discriminatory attitude. (Do remember that I live in Texas 😆 )

There were times when I so badly needed to vent… she heard me out with patience and sent me home with her “purls” of wisdom 😉

I feel so thankful to her for all of that…

But today, I’m even more grateful to her… because this day she will don on another role … and become my knitting teacher!!! Yay 😀 😀 😀

Thanx Amy, I owe you, Big Time, babe!! 😉

And I pray, that God protects your sanity every minute you are with me 😆 amen!!!